Monday, July 10, 2017

Son of a.....*****beeeeeeepppppppppppp*******

FINAL DIAGNOSIS (from the pathology during last colonoscopy)
A) Colon, ascending, biopsy: Benign colonic mucosa with prominent lymphoid aggregate. 😀 good news!!

Translation: Examples of benign polyps include hyperplastic polyps (also called metaplastic polyps), lipomas (benign tumor of fat cells), neuromas (benign tumors of nerve cells), inflammatory polyps (localized inflammation) or lymphoid aggregates (a cluster of immune cells).

B) Colon, splenic flexure, biopsy: Sessile serrated polyp/adenoma. 😡😡😡😡 WTF body? Why you gotta do me this way?

Translation: Sessile serrated adenoma and traditional serrated adenomas, however, are premalignant lesions and can progress to adenocarcinoma; adenocarcinoma developing at sites of preexisting serrated polyps has been reported. Sessile serrated adenomas are the principle serrated precursor for colorectal cancer.

So...what we're REALLY doing tomorrow is removing a precancerous lesion/flat polyp. News to me. Pray for clear margins on the removal and then we're done with that part or it's a longer snippy snip. Guess it could ave been worse and been cancer already...then again..what's more cancer when you already HAVE cancer? Sigh.

C) Colon, rectosigmoid, biopsy: Adenocarcinoma. 😳 already known news - this is the big bad guy.

D) Colon, rectum, biopsy: Hyperplastic polyp. 😀 good news!!

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