Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Third times the charm.

We chose to drive to Jacksonville this morning. Crack of dawn...I drove down...Butch drove back 😜

First up, blood work (typical) then ECG. All went fine 😀
What wasn't fine was fasting, clear diet, clear liquid diet day prior AND nothing to drink from 11am forward. Ugh!

Lunch for Butch...and I got nada, no water, nada. Insert pity party 😭

Pretty bird in the pond while walking to get stuff from the car.
Back to the clinic..and checked into gastro. New area to visit. It was in the Mayo building. A new one for me to some extent. MRI was there too on the 2nd floor. Gastro is on the 5th floor and very much a hospital setting. There is a central nurses station with about ten curtained "rooms" around it.

This is room 6. Aka my room.

Toe view and nurses station. I got to keep my phone for the duration. 😀. Well, until they wheeled me back. Then it went into a bag with my glasses and was hung from my IV pole 😀

All hooked up and ready to GO!

Last text to Butch 2:03pm. First text after I woke up 3:54. Apparently I woke up quickly as they seemed shocked to come by and see me in my glasses with my phone. Ha! They were on the table close enough to reach. 😜

I did complaint about the new drug. Last time they gave me fentenol the last time. This time it was propofol. It's a much easier more coherent wake up. But no drugged sleep. I stayed awake an hour or so then passed out for majority of the way home 😴
Not too shabby

Reports are already out on the portal with pictures.

Where are all these freaking polyps coming from?

I had NO idea about the one in the cecum area. Sigh. Oh, well. They are all OUT!
Next up the big bad guy and resection.
Good news is this keeps me it's more colon.
So hopefully this will mean a normal bowel function later...I'll take it!

Oh, and I signed up for a study on these types of polyps and the treatment approaches for standard of care. So, I get a 6 month follow up on this area to see jos the treatment worked for keeping reoccurrence down. I'm already in a study fir blood tests for colon cancer and now this one. Call me guinea pig 🐹. Hey, if it keeps others from this stuff. I'm good!

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