Monday, September 3, 2012

Backyard flowers

I'm finally getting color in the back yard and building on it slowly.

Sure wish year would bloom together. There is the bright red and some pink. The red is my favorite however found the pink in the clearance isle at Lowes - a new favorite clearance area! Silly people don't you know these plants bounce back and will be beautiful? It's how I got half the daisies. Can't beat $.29 each!

These too are rescue plants the closer one had a harder time bouncing back however joined its twin in blooming finally!!

Wisteria is going crazy!! Grapes. Well, they may have to go they have seeds and are tough.

This is a start from dads plant. Loves where it is and is taking over the pot ;)

My potato plants are blooming. You would have doubted my sanity buying the at $.25 because they were barely twigs with two or three leaves. Look at them now! The other rescues in with them not doing quite so well. But that's life with rescue plants. Some work, some don't.


Suzanne said...

Looks GREAT! Want to come do our yard?

Karen said...

I have those purple plants!

Anonymous said...

Donna, you are definitely your father's daughter. What a talent you have for landscaping. And for hard work!!!
Love, aunt t.