Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Roadside find chair.

I always forget to take the true before before pictures where it was in three pieces. The top was off and the spindle was divided at the top 1/3 of the overall spindle. Making the top have "teeth" sticking down. The center piece was off and I debated not putting it back on however it was too plain without it, so I glued it back in place. The other two spindles were long gone, so wood putty was the option of choice :)

So today the clamps came off and the sanding has begun. It's going to be an awfully cute chair ;)

The bedside table below was a roadside find also and the top got a good sanding as well. Still debating it it's worth trying to save. It has the cutest shape and it would give me a chance to try and make a shelf to replace the missing top drawer. :). It's not solid wood and had had a rough life.

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