Monday, June 9, 2014

Storage wars and weekend adventures

Is your house like mine and stuffed to the gills?  I have a big house, but I have a bigger clutter problem L  I’m working on it every chance I get and this weekend I got a BIKE TREE.  A what?  I bike tree.  Yeah, I have never heard of one either… but they have them.


Mine looks similar to this – this one is nicer as mine has four supporting brackets coming up from a square base to a single central pole, but you get the gist.  It was a BIG debate in our house as no-one thought it would be worth it for a mere $45.00.

Well, I got the first one home from Harbor Freight on Saturday after going out running around with mom and Lizzie.  I had started the day out going to Lowes to pick up a replacement part for the palm sander… yeah, I even told the guys there, we will NOT be discussing HOW I messed this up, just how I can FIX it – ha!  So, parts in hand I was going to Mom’s to help her on the computer.


I got side tracked a few times with yard sale signs… Georgians really tick me off, however… you’re zooming along a busy road and see a brightly colored sign with YARD SALE big as can be.. and a TINY address printed at the bottom.  Hello???  I don’t know where the heck that road is in the labyrinth that is your neighborhood.  DO NOT put an address… leave me a trail of signs, thank you very much!  I gave up on two in my neighborhoods because 1) I don’t have a “spotter” in my car to read your address and 2) who has a spotter that can read your freaking TINY address on the sign while zipping off a busy road.  Gracious folks!!


So, off I go towards mom’s house without stopping at ONE garage sale I pulled off the road to find… only to spot an Estate sale sign… you guessed it – with a tiny freaking address.  I literally had to circle the block THREE times to get the dang address – then had to pull over, put it on my GPS because there were no signs on the road further down.  AGGGRRRRREEEEE!  I went to the estate sale, left with … nothing!  But on the way out I was friendly to the gals at the checkout and they told me to go to a “moving” sale down the road and the description of how to get there was something like go down to Gordon street, but not the first Gordon you come to, the second, then you’re going to go to a house on the curve – it’s on the curve and has a Century 21 sign out front.  The sale is in the back yard, just go on back.  Hum… I teased them I would be walking into some strangers’ back yard and it NOT be the place – then the jokes on me.  Well, I finally find the 2nd Gordon Street and there is a house to the right that has a Century 21 sign.  The house is deserted.. nothing out front, no signs of life.. and I pull past the sign and am just getting ready to drive away when I noted in my rearview mirror there is a moving sale taped to the other side of the house for sale sign…Ok, I’ll bite.  I walked through the back gates and there is NOTHING out there but some kids and a few adults standing around talking… so I asked them if it was indeed a sale.  Yep, anything and everything in the outbuilding is for sale.  It’s all pretty much junk, but I found a cute decorative bird house in one of the trashed rooms and asked how much - $2.00.   Ok, for that it can come home with me J AND I had exactly $2 in my wallet.  It was meant to be. 


After all that, I went to Mom’s fixed here stuff up and went on a ride with her to find a replacement switch for Dad’s lift chair.  We finally ended up calling the place they bought it from - Phillips Furniture - and was told that we would have to order one on Monday – in the meantime, that is where dad sleeps and if he gets the chair BACK he can’t get it up as that is the button that is broken.  I explained that to the gal and they were so sweet they came out and WIRED a new one in for him!!  Really – what great people they are at Phillips Furniture (yes, another blatant plug for them!)  Talk about wonderful service!!!


While all this is being arranged, Mom and I were headed to Macon to go to Sams club and we decided to try and find a medical supply place she has seen advertised on the TV off Gray highway – we go on a wild goose chase – never found the place because 1) we don’t know the name of it and 2) we don’t have an address.  Funny, hu?  But we went anyway hoping to find it.  Nope.  So, while we’re on that side of town, we go to the Subaru place so I can test drive a Forester.  They’re nice, but feel smaller, well, because they are smaller.  They are about a foot slimmer than the Honda.  Not sure I can deal with that in the end.  But they drive nice!  We finally made it to Sams and shopped, had a piece of pizza and headed to the house.  Angela and I started to put the bike tree together when  we discovered the issue with the wheels of the unit we purchased.  I had known the box was banged up pretty bad and had immediately asked about return policy before buying – so I had the thought.  Sunday I returned the original and after fishing through two more boxes for parts and pieces, found two good wheels to add to the mix and repurchased the bike tree – came home, put it together and in the process found two wheels out of 6 had lost 90% of their bearings.  Sad… the bad ones were chucked and the good ones were installed and the bikes were all loaded onto the tree to test it.  Works like a champ!  Now to see if the girls can get their bike OFF of the tree J


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