Tuesday, June 10, 2014


While reviewing this years calendar for summer, I noticed something - there really is NO summer for Angela this year.  She was out of school on the 22nd of May.  In reality she got out a few days early due to exempting finals (GREAT work on her part to be over 90% in all her classes!!).  Her color guard practices started on the 5th of June - what's weird is this didn't even give her the first two weeks of summer off!  In the past they have had guard all summer, however they have had two full weeks OFF of school to get things done, to have some fun and play. 


I had planned on sending the girls to Florida for a week during those two weeks off and wouldn't you know it the VERY first week of summer Lizzie broke her foot.  No, really - school for Angela got out on the 22nd; Liz broke her foot on the 27th. 


Sigh... not even 5 full days after summer officially began.  Let me tell you, this ruined some plans for me too!  She was to be my driver this summer to make sure the little ones got to and from color guard camp during the week and cleaning of the house.  Surprise!!!


Needless to say summer is flying by already and it's just begun!  Right now it's full of appointments for kids and such.  Liz for foot issues and revisits to make sure everything is healing just right.  Angela for Color Guard camp and trekking her from point A to point B.  Butch and I are in charge of Tuesdays - Butch takes them TO the school and I go get them at noon and take them home.  Today is the first Tuesday (they started last Thursday)... we'll see how much this impacts my day having to go all the way home and back to work in less than an hour if I'm lucky!  OH and grabbing food on the fly as well.


On to MORE summer updates... pictures to follow when I get a few (I'm updating via email that I take DAYS to compose!).

Beds.  Angela has had her daybed for a few years now and it was purchased from the local "junk" store - love that store, but not revealing where it is to keep it "my" little treasure trove to DIG through... :)  Anyway, it was a steal from there.  I want to say it was $40 total for the whole thing, trundle and all - $20 each piece.  It needed some love even then.  It was missing a few of the springs (I got the replacements from Lowes) and needed to be updated a bit (it had gold accents).  So, I dragged it home, painted it all white and she has loved it ... a LOT.  It's taken her growing and growing and pushing on the bars and breaking the bars in her sleep ;)  So... after many a mend with white tape (used for her color guard or we wouldn't have known it existed) it's time for it to go away...   I don't think it's salvageable without some serious welding at some of the joins and honestly - not worth it even if I paid $40 for each piece.  It has lived its life and given it's all for a few children, I'm sure!


So what is she going to sleep on now, you ask?  She wanted to take the futon from upstairs to her room.  I was in agreement until I really thought about it.  I LIKE having two beds upstairs for when company comes.  I like having two beds up there when the girls have sleepovers.  Lets face it I like having two beds up there and having a futon and a bed is just ideal in that the girls can go upstairs to play games and watch TV with friends and make all the noise they want during a sleep over and NOT disturb us.  Bonus!!  So, no, that futon had to stay upstairs and we took a trip to Wal-Mart last night to see what futons they had available.   They had a gray one to match her room colors and a plan was hatched and futon purchased.


The good thing is that they are packaged in such a way that the box is rather "square" and fit perfectly into the back of the pilot!  It was meant to be! 


THEN I went to Target... BAD Donna, BAD!  I have been looking at a different solution for the foot of my bed as my little "puff" boxes are getting really ratty looking where the pleather is peeling off from being well loved and used over the years.  I have been looking at a bench with cubbies for a while and made the choice last night to purchase it at 30% off... I wasn't willing to chance it not being there at 50% off.



Well, this poses a problem as I have two kids and the entire back of the car is FULL... hum... so I have to pull my seat forward to get the TOP of the long bench box into the car, then into the foot part of the seat next to Liz, then move the seat back again.... while holding the box a bit higher in the car.  Sigh.  It worked, it all fit and life was good and we went home with a CAR full of goodies!! 



OH and the last thing I purchased was wall paper... why wall paper?  What for?  Well, the back of my china hutch.  I had been looking for the perfect accent to put on the back wall of the unit and I FOUND it.  It's perfect.

I’m IN LOVE!!!!

So now I will push forward with the hutch remake and get it on the move.  I have the “glass” taken out now and it’s sitting waiting for the next move.  This was the clincher.  It will be white with this lovely yellow wall paper on the backboard… I’m excited!



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