Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why I love my new buiding the photo explanation

This is the hallway outside of my door - I'm actually standing in my doorway looking towards what used to the be the gym - that is natural light you see at the end of that hall - the hallway is flooded with light from the courtyard and from the big windows at the end of each of the hallways to left and right.  Ah... light... the opposite direction has the same effect
 Turning around facing into our room - what you can't see is there is a window the the left and right of this photo - albeit above the cubicle walls, it is still natural light into the room...
 What I can see if I'm sitting in my chair and just turn around.  There are squirrels in the trees too - and, well, in our ceilings for the time being too - ha!  Small problem.  Two rooms over there is a panel missing in the ceiling and the gal turned around to see a squirrel checking her out from the hole - how funny!  This is also our FAT trap door... note the cube goes one third over the door -doesn't stop us!!  I have since put two rugs - one inside the door and one outside the door for the dirt factor. :o)
 My cube in the background... where I sit.every day for the better part of 8 hours.  it's smaller than before, but really, I LIKE it... Even Butch said I'm a lot happier since I moved into this building.  I really think it has to do with getting more sunshine in my day!
 What I see when I step out the door... ah, it's so nice!!  It's more of a fall landscape now with leaves changing fast.
 the white building you can see to the right of the picture is the BX (clothing store, like a mini-target without the grocery store). they have a food court and this is where I will walk to most of the time for lunch.  short white building in the FAR distance (not really that far).. is the commissary (grocery store) so no more excuses that I can't get to the commissary for shopping - drat it!  Within walking distance there is a Pizza Depot that has everything from Pizza to burgers to salads.  There is a bowling ally with a grill within walking distance and of course the BX food court with two sandwich shops, a Cinnabon (I have avoided it this far!), a pizza place, and a Mexican place.  Ah... the life!!

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