Thursday, August 8, 2013

New Chair

I will admit it has one issue. The seat has pulled apart I can take it apart and replace the webbing with another piece or mend what's there. We will see which I choose in time to resolve this little issue.

I've ran the cushion cover through the wash and odo-banned the padding for germs. And scrubbed the arms down with a Mr Clean scrubber and was grossed out at the guck to come off of it :oP

What would YOU pay? They compare at Ikea here: ($49.99 if you're not inclined to look it up)

It was at Goodwill for $20 for a while. Then it hit 50% off whoop!! $10 and I was all over it!

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Linda Liebhardt said...

And where does this lovely new addition go? I always have to think so carefully because if I obtain something, invariably something else must go first. Just not enough room.