Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Time...travel and adjusting internal clocks

The flight from Detroit to Japan wasn't quite as nice. Two large people sitting together is not good. My neighbors

The clouds were VERY thick there for a while.

I need to get the picture of the Canadian landscape. It was super foggy in the valleys. I couldn't tell if there was water or not, however I do suspect it from the maps.
**with Canada added now**

However this is on my phone:

And here is where we were when it was taken :)

Another shot during the flight:

Almost there!!

AND this is now the time to adjust the internal clock. I have done my best to stay awake the whole flight. I have napped a few times however tried to limit that. I think I should be OK as I had a 2am wake up and stayed awake most of what would be the day :)

So here's the adjustment. It's 1am at home but 4pm Guam. Time to stay awake for a long while on the layover and next leg of the trip!!

Movies watched: 4 (Scorched Trial, Jurassic World, Train Wreck and mystery movie that I may remember eventually(not so important?))
Hours slept: barely any :)