Monday, November 30, 2015

Guam trip

Let the adventure begin with a bump. I cleaned my purse out last night and Removed the receipt for my shuttle. I had purchased tickets for the shuttle last week before leaving for Thanksgiving. Additional bump comes in finding out at 2:45 am that system I purchased my ticket in is NOT the official system and I HAD no reservation. Sigh. I got the last seat. Who would have thought so many would need a 3am shuttle? 6 on now and more to get on in Macon.

Ten on the big shuttle and about 5-6 on the "overflow" shuttle. Lots of early flyers. Still attempting to travel lighter. One purse with iPad and minimal electronic items, one small paper bag with neck pillow and pashima (to be used as blanket as needed) water and now breakfast added to that one.

Good news/Bad news. Good news: Delta offered me $1,000 to take a different flight that will get me to Japan at the same time. Bad news? I won't meet Linda and Pamela in LA to fly over to Japan.

I've never been so excited to miss a flight in my life ;)

Original flight:

Ok they originally promised me the direct flight to Japan with connections. That flight was overbooked so they chose the following flight instead:

Apparently the connections were too tight so they chased me down at the gate to change me again. I teased the gal that I'm getting to travel via imagination to a few places and wondering where they would be sending me next :)

The final flight appears to be the following. I'm sitting at the gate waiting to board. This one is looking hopeful!!

Big fatty!!

Flight check!

Boarding so I'm going to post this for now

Empty seat beside me, say it isn't so!!! When is the last time we have seen that??? Nice!! The gentleman beside me said there are 200 open seats as the are repositioning the plane to Detroit.

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