Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dive day!

I'm such a goof, I have been nervous about these dives as my ankle had been so bad for so long, but this turned out to not be an issues, but Butch will be happy to know I still leave a trail behind me!  Ha!  I got in the water, got all situated, got moving and ended up loosing a fin - how did I NOT notice?  I was kicking and thinking that my right ankle was just feeling it more because it was the injured one and was just "stiff" - come to find out the other foot was soo loose because there was NO fin on it!  Derp!!  Damian was a sweetheart and went back to get my other fin... and we were off!  The swim out was a challenge for me as I don't do surface swimming very well.  I haven't dove in ages and when we dive we do drift dives, not shore dives.  BUT I made it and settled into the dive.  We went a lot further out than I was thinking we would make it with my out of shape self and my semi-bum ankle.  We started out at about 60' went out about 1/2 tank then turned around and made our way back at about 30' or less.  

Getting ready - aren't these nice umbrella areas?  There are a number of these around the dive area - you can see the entry area behind us - it's a "pool" cut into the side of the beach where the water is about 6' deep throughout.  Very nice little area with high walls for jumping off of :)  (not that I did!)



 Rather alien looking barrel sponge with it's odd anchors

 Can you see what is hiding in the hole??  I didn't see it while swimming by the first time.  Damian's friend spotted it and called us back to see it.  we disturbed him and he swam off, but not too far!

When he came back he swam to the reef again and settled just a little below where we would swim by again, so I took a few more shots of him as we swam past.  He was really checking me out to see what I was going to do.  I managed to not spook him again and he stayed put

I think this is the first time I have seen clown fish swimming in an anemone.  Very cool to see!     

 And look who spotted us!  Surprise!!
 Tandy and Linda were out snorkeling and met up with us on our way back in!

Coronet fish

My new friend.

A new hat for Linda 

 Nice mask ring, don't you think? ha!

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Britnee Autrey said...

Donna! Those pictures are so neat! Especially knowing that you were there taking them! :D just so awesome! The first paragraph you wrote about the diving stuff, went right over my head; but looks like you are having fun! I love seeing your blog updates! <3