Friday, October 14, 2016

Work and play, work and! play

So today was another early morning. Yesterday it was a 4 or 5 am wake up due to the fridge noises. I did go back to sleep after that, but still interrupted sleep. Today was the sprinklers. It sounded as though some one was walking through leaves outside my windows. Crunch, crunch, CRUNCH, CRUNCH. Yeah, no, it was the sprinklers hitting the palm by the front door. Then I laid back down and got a text. To that persons defense there was no way they could have known that I was an hour behind their 8am time frame (7am here). Sigh. I'm up now!!

The "grass" looks deceptively green doesn't it?

Yeah. It's not. It's sparse and very iffy! Oh well there's time to make it pretty.

What did I do today?? I got up and went into the shed to see what paints I had left over. I had a tiny bit of trim paint. NOT enough to cover four closet doors. Drat it! Off to Home Depot for trim paint.

Of course before I left for Home Depot I saw the poison and decided to poison the yard (squirrel!!) and turn off the sprinkler system per Butch's request. So I poisoned the yard and went looking for the drain valve.

The sprinkler box was full of sand. I dug it out. Did I mention I LOVE yard work here as it's all sand. NO clay!!!! It's so lovely to work in!!

Sprinkler box all dug out!! No drain by the way!! Oh well, it's done. I texted Butch and he told me where the drain plug is. It's all drained out now!!

And the doors now have paint on the fronts!! Making progress!!

While between coats I saw a fluttering outside and wondered "what the..??" I liked closer. Can you see it??

Yeah, when I went out to take a picture I scared it. It eventually came back. A BIG vulture! He was eating a squirrel that had been on the road squished from the night prior.

Oh and on a side note our pumpkin seed are done and tasty!!

We hung out at the house for the day watching TV, napping and painting doors.

For dinner we went to Old Bay Steamer for Angela to have her crab legs for dinner.

We order a big steamer bowl with shrimp and crab legs. Yum!! Angela had her fill of crab legs. She was nice enough to share a few legs with her grandma and me.

It was a GREAT dinner!! We barely finished it all!

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