Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The *&^#$%&*( lockers

After the parade, I decided to cut the back way and head on to the house - well, after Liz passed in the parade - and they were near the first ones in the parade, so it was early.  I kept seeing blue lights flashing pushing me farther and farther from the house, so by the time I hit Green Street I gave up and decided I would see what Salvation Army Thrift store had to offer me this fine Saturday.

I wandered the store and found... nothing.  Then I noted they were having a yard sale - they have a HUGE 3 sided pole barn setup outside the building, so I hoofed it out there to see what they had.  They had lots and lots and lots of projects out there, but this one caught my eye.  I have always wanted some old lockers to refurb... and look what I found for a whopping $15.00

 This is the part both girls fell in love with - of all things - the cow stickers on the front of one of the doors.  How very funny is that?  They both want to be able to keep the cows.  ha!

 HERE is why I got them for $15 - two of the door are damaged.  This door is the worst - I have no idea what could have ripped the thing off the hinges and NOT dent the door. That is some talent, for sure.  However, being the pragmatic girl I am, I think the center middle can be an open shelf type area with contrasting colors painted... what do you think?
 I'm telling you talent - the bottom hinge is ripped ALL The way off - whowzer - someone with strength!!

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