Thursday, November 27, 2014

Day three ...

Day three and zero pictures. To my defense nothing has really changed. There is just a bit more paint on the walls and trim, but nothing was really different/different ya know.

The gas line leak has now been fixed for the 2nd time to the tune of $150+ the original "fix" was the gas line move ($400+ chaching!!) yeah ouch.

Oh yeah hardware!! Door hardware, specifically the 1/2 bath door was reinstalled. Why is this important?? Well the plumber dude wanted to use the bathroom however I had to tell him that we had no doors and to use the front potty and we would keep folks out of that room. Ha! That door has been reinstalled and is now able to be shut and locked. Whoohoo! It is indeed a great thing to pee in private again ;)

The trim is now 99% done. The back bedroom still needs first coats of all paints as well as the living room. The small bedroom needs another coat of wall paint and it's pretty well done.

The baths are deemed done but we need to put the doors all back onto the cabinets. Along with its hardware. Then cleaning. Kitchen is a far cry from done. Nothing touched yet. Sigh. So much to do, so little time!! Tomorrow is a holiday and we're not working in the house. (Unless I sneak over and paint something)

Oh, and I painted my seat in my car. Sigh. Gotta get that off tomorrow as well.

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