Saturday, November 29, 2014

And we're outa here...

Let's take a tour, shall we? (Entering from the carport far right middle)

The VERY messy kitchen. This is our staging area, so it's a bit trashed.

The newly painted hallway. You're looking yo the bedrooms.

Entry way looking good. Need to paint the front door, however the rest is nicely painted and holding for a closet door to be prepped and painted. (Looking north from the living room left side door)

Back into the hall and into the main bath. Still holding on some fixtures to be installed on the cabinets.... (I'm standing in the tub)

Onto the darkened master bedroom (we didn't take the paper off this morning. No more work to be done in there for the most part.

The master bath. Note there is a DOOR. it's the little things in life. We spent a few days without potty doors :). Freaked out the Plumbing guy ;)

Doors in place here too however missing a few (all) of the magnetic door latches.

On to bedroom number two. Looking good here too. Note paper on one of the windows :) This is the lower left bedroom.

Bedroom three AKA numbed room. Note that it's a happy room. :) thanks Angela.

On to the living room. Full circle now! Yes that's Butch photo bombing me!

Here's the last shot (taken from where Butch was). And with that we're still short a gas connection. Still need to arrange flooring and electrical. And the list goes on....

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