Sunday, July 27, 2014

House projects

Done! However I may pull the top fan out and flip it. For some reason it bugs me they are both going the same "way".

It will be easier to pull that one than the bottom one.

These are real sea fans too. Shocked me too! They are Goodwill finds ($3.95 ea). I actually found four but thought I would only use two. Stupid rookie mistake. Should have bought all of them. They came in packages with starfish. They were originally silver on one set and gold on the other. The bottom one required some "softening" and I was at a loss. They are organic. I thought to steam it. I boiled some water in the microwave and tossed the fan in and out another minute watching it closely. We had smoke on the bottom of the stem. Whoops! Good news is it did soften the bottom stem enough to let me get it into the frame without feat that the glass would break!

The frames are also Goodwill finds. ($6.06 each)

Price compare to here:

The lowest price I can find for anything similar is $95.00 so, needless to say I'm thrilled with my 14"x14" interpretation at $17.00 (I had to buy foam board backer too). And I now have two bonus star fish too (now white).

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