Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saturday project and one more off the goal list!

Let the project begin... all taped up, floor behind and under the washer cleaned.. now THAT was gross!  There were at least three socks, a penny, some jewelry pieces and a lot of dirt and fluff back there! Bleck - note to self, clean that much more often!

 where everything went while we painted!!
LOOK who my helper was today - she painted a good 50% of the whole place - especially above the cabinets and behind the washer/dryer!  She was such a trouper!
 one coat done!
 So sad, I said "do the Vanna White Pose" and she had NO idea who Vanna White was.  I'm so old!
We're almost done!  The fish are semi-permanent - one goes on the back porch and they were so inexpensive when I got them (clearance of course) that I got two and the twin has been in the laundry since!  I guess when the outdoor One (which is fading!) dies, this one will move out and I'll get a proper rug.
Now to put up my vinyl on the back wall (to the right in this picture - above the garbage)...
The more I do Laundry... the more I understand Nudism. 
Not sure what color vinyl however...

And if you remember correct this was done in the BRIGHT color of the three pack I had looked at color wise.  I do believe the kitchen will go to the middle shade rather than this.. It's pretty - just NOT in a large amount in the kitchen.  Lighter for Kitchen it is, descision made - however that painting effort will wait for another weekend.  It will require removal of a boarder... not looking forward to that!

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Linda Liebhardt said...

that's really pretty, bright and cheery! Well done. And if you do it lighter in the kitchen, it will look a lot like Suz's. Also, you should choose flesh-toned vinyl for the wall. :-D