Sunday, November 13, 2011

Georgia Southern University Open house

Liz and I were up at the crack of dawn yesterday to participate in an open house at Georgia Southern University.  boy, College dorms have SURE changed since I was in college.  No more communal showers, no more communal bathrooms... each one has a bathroom shared by at most two individuals  How would that be??  Wow... what a world
Right on the heels of the dorms in my college town being shut down for the final time due to a heating outage.. it was too costly to fix it... what a sad day in the world, eh?  I did submit one memory that was highly illegal.  We used to sneak up on the roof and just "chill"... didn't do much - well, with one exception I did Frisbee a horrible painting from my summer oil painting class from said roof.  ha!  I guess that would be considered littering.

All in all a very interesting day.  She did talk me into swinging by an international fair in the local area that was a total bust.. of course it was 1pm and it was slated to close at 4pm, but still - maybe 10 food booths and that was about it.  No-one seemed interested that folks were there to check out the fair and it looked rather teen agerish in nature and in construction.  Interesting...

A long drive home, and that was my entire Saturday - what a day!
I take it back, I did have a photo from the day... Liz found a cyberman on a garbage can - and HAD to backtrack after we were done seeing everything to take a picture with MY phone - so it would be a better quality than she had on her phone :o) Geek to the core, that's my girl :)

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