Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

This Christmas was a "stay at home" Christmas and I'm afraid I took it way too much to heart.  I don't think I left the house with the exceptions of two outings.  Really.  I read and puttered around the house and read some more.  I managed to finish two books and get well into the third and if all goes as planned tonight, I may just make it all the way through book three and start into book FOUR!
I know, I know... get out of the house.  Nope.. thanks, enjoying my time at home sleeping in and being a total bum!!

Oh, and we discovered, or should I say, rediscovered puzzles.  Butch was even caught in the act.  I think I'm the only one who didn't sit down and really work on the puzzle :)

Traditions carry on and each child gets to open ONE present on Christmas Eve.  Angela got a neat air brush set from Grandma - she has had such fun with this!!

 Liz chose to open one from her friend (yes, just friend; and no, not gay!) Alec

The tree after Santa came to visit
 Angie was the first up... tried out her bike - varrroooom!!!

 Liz loved the cute light up bag that grandma gave each of them!

 Grandma got a nice new back scratcher... ah, nothing beats a good back scratch!!
 The last few pics of Elizabet were of her trying to get her new ipod out of the box - it was taped into a shoe box with little jingle bells inside... then she finally got it untaped off the bottom to discover it was GREEN!!

 Black Friday shopping WITH kids puts a damper on giving for Christmas, so Grandma wrapped the headphone box - to the headphones Angie has been using since she got them "early for Christmas" - hahaha - love it!
 It's a Dr. Who Christmas at our house!

 Playing push the dummy with Grandpa.  My camera was horrible against the light - I hope someone shares their pictures with me so I can get a good one going.  I'll try to photoshop these two - once I get photo shop loaded back on this computer!

 How we REALLY spent our vacation :)
 Pretty full moon right after Christmas!

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