Friday, July 29, 2011

Liz has lost her wisdom...

Wisdom teeth that is.. poor Liz!  She went in last Wednesday to have it done.  It went OK for her, but she sure puffed up like she's hoarding marshmallows!
 Shhhh - you're not supposed to take pictures in there :)  Couldn't resist!
 All trussed up and ready to go!  No IV just yet.. but it's coming soon!
 AFTER - no more wisdom teeth!  Not sure where the before is... somewhere in my archives of stuff :D
 Looping our way home... NOT happy with my taking a picture of her at the stop light!
 Settled into the bed her little sister kindly set up for her... favorite blanket and all - ah, the life!
 Later in Day 1 when she can actually walk better and not 'tilt' so much - ha!  Slightly puffy... but not bad.
 REALLY puffy on day 2 - we did the walking thing a bit... get out and move and get out of the house...
Day three - either I'm adjusting to the new "look" or she's going down just a bit on the puff factor.  She's able to eat easy to chew things - even wanted and was given hash browns for dinner tonight :o)  Ah, to be the injured spoiled one.


Linda Liebhardt said...

It's funny how when you change the shape of Liz's face how much MORE she looks like Angie.

Suzanne said...

True, Linda! Good observation. But poor Liz. Ouch.

Donna said...

I'll have to do that comparison on kids faces :D