Monday, October 22, 2012

What is my malfunction?

I can NOT seem to remember to take a camera with me to events!!
This weekend was Lizs LAST band completion. I drove down to Valdosta and NO camera. Der
Good thing for iPhones!

We (Angela and a friend) didn't stay the whole competition. We drove down and got there at about 2pm. Our school was scheduled to go on at 3:30. Just in time. I saw the Meadows - hadn't seen Warner in a while however see Sandra t the consignment shop on base when I drop in there. It was nice to chat with them a bit.
We stayed through the preliminary awards - our girls got top Color Guard for their division (5a). They were thrilled. I congratulated Lizzie, delivered her a T-shirt I bought her from the competition and let her know we wouldn't be staying through the finals.
It was actually a good thing as the awards for Guard was done ;).
The little girls and I enjoyed a dinner at Denny's on the way home and were home by 9:00. Lizzie on the other hand came home at 1am. Ugh. NEED to get that kid a car!

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