Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where have you been??

Ok, during a conversation of “where have you been in the world” I decided to write them all down.  I’m wondering if there is some place I have missed… but here it goes in some sort of chronological order…
Starting in 1989:
New Zealand (Auckland for a wonderfully adventurous day and a night)
Australia (from Sydney to the Whitsunday islands via Contiki tour)
Europe (Paris to Pompeii via train, then back north through Switzerland/Germany)
Mexico (a few times after going to Australia, however not prior to then)
Korea (Soul  and Kunsan)
Mexico (Honeymoon in Cancun)
Italy (still never made it farther south than Pompeii – sad, eh?)
While living in Italy:
barely in Yugoslavia before it became Slovenia
Amsterdam (for tulips with Wendy!)
Germany (Oktoberfest twice)
Egypt (*Valley of the Kings/queens and Hurgada)
Turkey (just on base – thanks to freedom birds!)
Moved back to the states in 1997
St. Thomas/St. John Virgin Islands
United Arab Emirates
Can you tell I really, really, really need to dust off my traveling shoes?  I’m not sure what curtailed travel more – kids or just kids and moving to the states again.  I think it was more the moving to the states – had we stayed overseas I would have still had my travel shoes on J
Now, let’s look at the States:
(easier to list where I haven’t been)
Oregon (I can’t remember if we made it over the boarder when going north after Linda Mellema’s wedding.  I know we made it to Arcata California)
Washington (state – been to DC.  We did stop in Seattle on the trip to Alaska, but I don’t really count that!)
North Dakota
South Dakota
New Hampshire
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Do you see a trend here?  I don’t like NORTH and cold!  Hahahaha  Some on the north are “drive through” type visits…but if I drove through it, I still count it, as if you are driving you are truly seeing it!  Nebraska is one of those… drove it, but didn’t sleep in that state!
Bucket list:
South America (echo tour on Rio Negro)
India (just about anywhere!)
Philippines/Asia areas – any!
Antarctica and I’ll have all continents hit… What a worthy goal, eh?

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