Saturday, October 27, 2012

Band Night

Tuesday night was Band night here in Central Georgia... we got to see all the local HS bands perform their half time shows in ONE evening. Very nice experience for those of us who don't really care for football :)  BUT wait, with that you get the added bonus of listening to ALL the middle school bands perform a few songs too! 

As you can see, there are a LOT of middle school bands!

Doesn't she look thrilled?  I think that is a look of concentration, really!
 Mid performance!

Then it's on to HS band performance by our band and color guard. 
Liz's starting position is interesting  It's a "day in the life"
 which one is Liz?  I'm thinking 2nd one back judging by the legs :)
 VERY nice high toss and a good catch at the end as well!
 After the performance seeing us in the stands...
 can you see that expression on her face? 
No?  Let me zoom in for you!
 Yep, rotten kid is sticking her tongue out.  Sigh.  What will I do with her?
Angela in the mean time is running around the place with her friends having a blast watching the bands and hanging with friends!
Oh, and I finally remembered to TAKE and use my camera, thus the delay in putting this on the blog.  I guess there are ups and downs to publishing from a phone, it's instant... camera, I have to then load all the pictures to the computer and remember to POST something on it :)  But I'm doing better to remember the camera!!

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