Saturday, April 19, 2014

It's Easter!

Angela bucked tradition and did her OWN bunny cake. Much to my mortification - why not do the NORMAL cake? Sigh. I have to admit hers is cute :)

Marshmallow cheeks, rice crispy ears.... He really is cute!

The artist and her creation.

Making cake pop "dough" after.

My contribution this year was to be something like this:

Mostly because Butch doesn't like coconut. It was my chance to get cake with coconut :)

They turned out "ok" not sure I like the marshmallow tails. I had seen one done this way however can't find it again to post it.

And I ran out of white jelly beans... Now I have a bunch of boobs! Ha!! Need to remove the marshmallows, don't you think? Teeheehee.

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