Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter morning

Isn't he cute? He's no surprise for Angela. She found him @ Wally World. I thought we were past stuffed animals but I guess not (and not a bad thing either)

And I am not over hiding eggs either there are only a few and they have no candy in them. They have $$ in then. Bonus!

Easter egg hunts are better when you're older :)

The Easter haul. No big smile because it's too early :)

And a LOOK when I pushed for a BIG smile.

I sent Lizzie a box to school with glow stick, lighted duck and carrot bubbles and the traditional HUGE chocolate bunny. She also got some different candies and a package of mini Twix - her favorite. I still haven't heard that she got it...

Sigh kids in college - too cool to call parents.

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