Friday, April 25, 2014


Ok this weekend is the weekend to drop Angela off to be a college student for the weekend.

Angie, Lizzie and Kayla - they have the left over bunny cake to munch on as well. :)

I ate dinner at the dinning hall with them the made my exit to the hotel. My first stop. Yes, you read that correctly. FIRST stop. My reservation was at a Baymont hotel. OMG. First impression was GAG! What you can't smell is this is a SMOKING hotel. Retch!!

THEN I start looking around.

Yes, this is a portal to HELL in the ceiling. Oh yeah, it's REALLY falling down.

Yeah. BIG black whole!!

Oh, but wait it gets better!! The shower rod is falling off the wall.

Oh yes, that is FILTH ground into the wall.

Yeah, I left! I was offered a mini-suite in the non smoking floor but there was just a stench to the place... I hit the road with NO reservations and no clue what I would find room wise!

I stopped at the Springtown Suits. They were booked solid... Bummer.

Next up Comfort Suits across the street. It's newer they had a room.

And we have success!!

Much better!!

And look the shower curtain isn't falling off the wall! :)

Cute vessel sink to boot ;)

Well that was my adventure. I took a shower after that other hotel - really!! Now to plot my day tomorrow. :)

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