Saturday, April 26, 2014

Junk'n Savannah

The list from the night prior started with this:

Page 2:

Page 3:

And ended the night with :

And the day begins.

Nothing purchased... Cute little store.
I stopped at three between here and downtown Savannah.
Love the streets in Savannah.

And then the WHOLE reason I wanted to thrift Savannah.
Two Women and a Warehouse ( and I finally broke open the wallet BIG time.

No not for this but HOW cute!!

And an idea for my hutch colors...

I have memories if a poker chip wheel like this Mom and Dad!

What I had been looking for was the dough bowl:

Or this boat:

So? What came home with me, you ask??

The 43" dough bowl is now mine. Why? To make a coffee table with glass top and sea shells inside :) can't wait to start that project!!

A few more stores and a lunch in the car with the nice ocean breeze on an inner Island and I had the thought to drive to Tybee.

Yeah... What WAS I thinking? I made it out there and almost to the south end if the island and gave up as there were helicopters and MORE half naked teens. I'm getting old, I'm sure they were college students but still I was NOT ready to deal with that level of crowds. Thanks, no. I got behind a local (salt life stickers, coolers and fishing poles in the back of their truck). We zipped out through back roads yay!

I plugged in a thrift store in a town north if the freeway between where I was and the hotel and was OFF. I saw a few more between here and there. Did a few turn around a and revisits (one GREAT one at Victory and Montgomery - so I'll remember that address!!)

And one impromptu estate sale that I bought a this cute step stool.

And my favorite stop of the day !!! This is in the little town of Pooler Ga. I got to walk (dodge and weave) through the WHOLE house!!!

The road less traveled. I did go down this one too there were older farm style houses but nothing spectacular.
One final Look back and the BIG house!


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THAT was fun!!~linda