Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Another day in project land

Mom and I made plans to go to Cochran to my favorite The Consignment Shop (love them!)

On the way we stopped to get a soda and saw the prettiest red winged black bird just sitting on the fence. He stayed there quite a long time. Long enough for me to fist my phone out and get a few picture!

After the consignment store it was back to work for Angela and I. I got her back from her sleep over and we started in on the chalk board part. But first this is a good shot showing the colors in daylight. So pretty!

Angela hard at work!!

Darn window isn't good for showing the gray! Oh well the first coat is up. We even did touch up on the other walls and removed tape. Next up will be 2nd coat in the gray then onto ceiling touch ups

Touch ups tonight?

It works well!!

Touch up paint purchased. Angela put her desk together. Smarty pants! Next up is book shelf and the then removing the old and installing the new.... And we're just on day three!!! What to do with the rest if the week??

Oh yeah, paint the dresser!!

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