Thursday, April 3, 2014

Adventures of spring break.

Today was animal sanctuary day and not a picture one!

We started off with Dausets Trails ( the river otters were active and as cute as can be! They had a bear, lots of owls and a lot of sleepy animals. Ah, nocturnal animals are no fun in daylight hours :)

I discovered this wasn't what I was thinking I was going to, however glad I went. Fun place.

Where I MEANT to go was here:

Wow what a BIG place that was!! We got to see the famous lion/tiger/bear grouping. The lion was rolled over, belly exposed in a field of grass....the tiger was inside the house with the bear under the house. By the time we left the tiger had come out to lay on the porch. So huge! There were a few more tigers and lions further in. We wore poor mom out, she gave up and waited for us at the threesomes paddock whole Angela send I went further in and saw dome monkeys and the other large cats. I'm thinking we saw majority of the big animals, however not sure. I'll have to find a map. They didn't have any because they were reworking the holding pens.

Fun day! We came to the freeway at the outlet mall and had a nice lunch at the Mexican restaurant there then home by way of SAMs Club (needed coffee).. Then a NAP. What a fun day!!

Oh and we saw the big Direct TV blimp on the way home too...Angela did get pictures of it on my phone...I wanted to see how big it really is. It looked to be a full sized blimp for sure!

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