Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day Nine

 Looking out over the countryside towards Bristol and Wales.

BATH England
 Dont even ask what those things are in the courtyard, they were having a kids weekend for summer. ... I think these things are supposed to be trees of some sort?  Hard to tell for sure!

 Dont you LOVE the look on her face?  LOL, it says it all - MOM - STOP with the selfies!!!

 so the water coming into this place is full of bird dung and lead - just to name a few things.  Everyone was told not to touch it, but of course there were lots who were - UGH...
 The water is coming from another bath area to the middle of the screen through the darkened area.  the rock that looks like a broken ledge is really over the inlet for the water flowing in through a shallow channel from the other room to this room.
 Random cool arch in the street just outside the bathhouse connecting the bathhouse to the building next door. To what purpose other than just a decorative arch, who knows?  it was just pretty!
 this is where the water is flowing out of the underground area - note all the mineral deposits over time that this is leaving.  It was steamy hot in here too by this point and all the running water had me running for a potty as well!!

I just wasn't quite as interested as I should have been in the history of what they found or didn't find under the ruins that was Bath.  I did find they were all a reconstruction and that most of the floors that you are walking on were created in the 1700's well after the roman times and they were a good 4 foot above what was really the Roman Baths of the time... so in the 1700's it was a great place to come and bathe and probably had a great set up as this is when everything else was installed to make it what it is today.

It was interesting, but NOT really what I thought it would be and didn't really get me wanting to read all the history and dramatizations about what they thought it was.

Sad to say the history was lost on me this time!!  My main push was to see Stonehenge!

So we headed out into the town of Bath.  We were told to try some cornish pasties while we were there.  So we did.
 Angela had a chicken one that she said was excellent.  I had a more traditional one (and smaller!) of beef and onions - they were tasty and it was nice to sit in the shade of the abby and watch the world go by.

 The Abby's door - it was closed while were were there and only opening it's doors just as our bus was due to leave - drat it!
 VERY cool doors!

So what is this, you're wondering??  this is the toilet in the hotel across from where we were being picked up.  it was awesome and such a surprise for such a quaint old town.  The feather chandelier was the kicker! 

And back on the road!!
Check out the topiary coming into Wiltshire United Kingdom
This little town has been used for the filming of a number of films and shows - most notably Harry Potter.

And here is a photo montage of the cast and crew from Harry Potter on the streets of this little town while filming.

This is Georges Inn - a 14th Century pub with a dog powered spit.

 It had to have been a very small breed dog that they would have powering that wheel for sure.. but he would run around the wheel and turn the meat over the spit to cook it.  interesting, eh?
 yeah, this look is coming in more and more, hahahaha!
 I am checking them more and and making sure she smiles for me :)

 not to be confused with WHERE you are, because that's not the location ... Wiltshire is where you are!!
 a bus stop with BARS on the windows?  I'm concerned, really concerned!!
 but look at that entry - isn't that just adorable??  I would love to have a house with that entry!
 this little door just looks like it's trouble waiting to happen, doesn't it??

 this is the house they used as Harry's parents house in the films - with a LOT of CGI I can see it!

 St Cyriac's Church

 The Tithe Barn - historical building (https://www.google.com/maps/place/Tithe+Barn/@51.4150417,-2.1225446,223m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0000000000000000:0x02f6c0e0debc96d0!8m2!3d51.41504!4d-2.1214503)
interesting to see this on Google Maps if you're interested!

Labcock Abby  (http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/lacock-abbey-fox-talbot-museum-and-village) I would have LOVED to have had the time to see inside of this, but we just popped into the pasture to gaze on it and have some of the history of who had lived there, what films feature this building, etc.
 Built in the 1300's

 you can see some stone work hiding in those ancient trees... and it makes you want to go poke around in there... but we just didn't have time - darn it!!

And back on the road again!

 Look, look, look!!!

In the distance, I can SEE it!!!

 with NO ONE in there!!!  Not a very common site, I'm sure.  The sunset tour we were on was the VERY last one to go out through the park - it was closed before we even left and all tours were done and back as well.
 We're here and we're excited!!

 yeah, looking up and taking the picture and realizing mom had it in selfie mode prior - hahahaha!

 Describing the etchings on the stone - the sword that you can see in the shadow is in broze age time.  The writing above is Shakespear time (1564 -1616)

The bus driver, because - yeah, why not?  LOL


 OK, Angie being a dork!
 TWO can play that game...

 So my phone now has the series of the first picture as the lock screen and THIS picture when you  unlock it... it is rather hilarious and is growing on me :)

 It's a WHALE!!
 Ok, I'm looking like "what the???" and I'm taking the picture!
 now Angela is looking confused....
 then we see the pictures and we both get the giggles!


with the exception of the bus A/C being out and this being a heat wave for england with 2 weeks of sunshine and temps in the 80's it was the BEST tour ever!!

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