Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day Seven

My view for Breakfast - VERY nice!!!
I had the most fun sitting there watching the swallows dive and zip around!
Bye - lovely room in the lovely castle... I dont want to go!!!
And here we sat near the front waiting for our cab to come pick us up... seriously the BEST experience ever!!

And back to the rice and bean portion of the trip folks - back to the tiny little station of Maybole to catch a train to Carlisle.

These gals were out for a ladies weekend without husbands...
Look closely they were hitting it already at 10am - that is vodka in the bottle by the window.  They were mixing drinks and having a grand old time in the train!

Now just look at the beautiful scenery you get to travel through.  VERY picturesque for sure. *(sorry about the glare, but it couldn't be avoided we were in a seat with a table and we were NOT giving it up)

I looked this up and it is the beginning of the walking path across England
http://www.walkhighlands.co.uk/southern-upland-way.shtml - you can transfer your baggage from place to place through these stations and then walk between them - that way you don't have to lug huge bags and do the walk in style.  Very nice set up.

Our whole goal while in Carlisle was to see parts of Hadrians wall.  Well, we got there, and checked into the hotel.  An IBIS.  Lovely place with air conditioning - ahhhhh!

Our view wasn't anything to write home about, but it was on the main street (just out of sight on this walking path with the bar)
and it had a NICE big bath.

notice that shower - due to how it was positioned it was quite large!!!

We walked town and went to the bus station to find out how to get to Hadrians wall and how to see what we wnated to see and found that the bus that used to go all the way to Carlisle was no longer in play, so it was a train to another town, then a bus and multiple transfers, and honestly - we looked at each other and just pure and simple gave up on the idea.  Angela wasn't pushing to do it, I was at that time... but then I looked around and thought "is this that important?  Nope!"  So I let it go and we went to find some good pub food and called it a night!
For some reason I thought breakfast at the castle was through 10am it wasn't - it was 9:30 so I had missed proper breakfast and had tea and toast - which is fine, but not quite what I was wanting.  Angela on the other hand was super slow that day and didn't even make it out of the room before checkout time!  So... breakfast for her was the cookies from the little tray in the room.  Lunch was a series of granola bars and a water or two on the road... so we were a bit HANGRY by this time.  Angela could NOT make up her mind what to do... I sat down at the corner and expressed myself of "you need to stop with the "I don't know" and pick"... to which she finally settled on a pub with open air seating to the road.  It was pleasant enough and the food was delish!!!  I had a brunch burger with an egg on it - I joked to Angela that I was combining all meals into one today!!

So, dinner and movies in the room was how that day played out.  Not a bad choice.

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