Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day Fifiteen

Remember me saying we're done?  Yeah.  We got up, had breakfast at the hotel then ordered a cab and headed to the airport.  MUCH easier (much pricier) than taking the public transport (*like 3x more) but sooooo much easier to get in the cab and be dropped off at the door.  yes, please, let's do that all the time!
 And we're headed home!!!!

AND NOW it starts to rain?  REALLY?  I heard from someone in the waiting are it was rain for the next three weeks every day... sigh... I wanted the rain.. I was ready and prepared for the rain... I'm glad we had sun, but really?  it was a pretty cool rain...

Goodbye Ireland - I will have to come back again soon...and to Scotland - they were my favorites!!

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