Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day Eight

 LOOK - our first overcast day and it burned off by the time we got down to London!!

As of last night we were officially in ENGLAND.  Forgot to mention that Carlisle was right over the boarder from Scotland, so now we are on the England portion of this trip!

AND since we're on the longer stretches of train rides, we are now on FIRST class trains.  Angela was impressed as we now have chargers at our nice plush seats and we get FED and watered (ha!)  yes, they have water and soda for the first class passengers.  Sweet.  And free wifi - but honestly I think that has been the case even in second class on the local trains too.  Most local trains are two cars and no first class - now we're on multi car trains with three or more cars of just first class.  They are pricey, so not many are on them - now the only down side is we didn't spend the extra to RESERVE a seat, so we have to look for those that show as available.  This one was one that we got bumped and we went to the front of the train near the kitchen  - pretty much all of that car was open and we had no more issues.  Freaked Angela out for sure.  she was so upset we had to move - ha!  I just said "we go look for those that aren't reserved and we move - simple"  and it was.

 Dirty window!!!  But you can see the lush countryside.  LOTS of dairy cows - not as many sheep as I would have expected.

 LOTS of the flowering hawthorn tree/shrubs.

 sheep by the creek - cute sheep and lots of lambs as it's spring!!

 Diet Pepsi is Pepsi Max here... interesting.
 I didn't take a picture of the multi grain bun sandwich that was in there too - it was quite yummy with an egg salad - yum!

 Not sure what this was at a train station - but it was pretty cool looking...
 some perspective on the size...
 these were the BOMB - they were like goldfish but in cracker form.

 Pictures at 200+MPH on a speed train are hard!!!

we arrived in London at Euston Station - then made our way via tube to where we needed to be.
We settled into our hotel room and then went out to see where we had to be for our tour the next morning at 10am.  THIS hotel was actually a Latvian Guest House. I enjoyed this one!.

The outside looked just like the adds in Booking.com

It was on a street full of little places just like this - in fact the one across the street was a Comfort Inn  how funny is that?

Anyway - we went out on the town to see where we were going in the morning to catch our bus to Stonehenge and Bath!!  We found it with a bit of walking and searching.  All was well, then we found we had a tube stop RIGHT at that hotel and just down the street by one block from OUR hotel  Sweet!!  We caught the tube back to Queensway stop and went to grab some dinner.  I spotted a Kebab shop and we got in line to get some.
Please noe that the doorway is the extent of the size of the visitor side of the shop - the window area, that is what the cooks have to work in - so it WAS VERY crowded.  there were folks IN the place shoving to get out, and folks waiting in line VERY close to us... Angela is NOT  a crowds person and when she was pressed just a bit too much, she grabbed her food and BOLTED out of there before I could stop her!  I offered to go back and fix her salad for her, but she would have none of it!  Either way it wasn't a big deal as it was way too much food for us anyway.  I got mixed shawarma and she got a falafel and we were both stuffed. oh and some fresh humus too - so we were quite happy girls :d

And since we didn't have the hotel person with us on this trip in, I stopped and took pictures - inside the entry.... we went all the way to the end of this hall - past the stairs and to the light yellow area in the back... then turned right.
We were then met with stairs up to our room at the top of the stairs.  There were 4 rooms up there sharing two toilet rooms - one of which also had the shower in it.

 The room we were were in actually overlooked the little courtyard that they advertise.  It, in turn was right off the kitchen and really was quite nice.  It had two outdoor tables with umbrellas for the summer and a lot of potted flowers.  I didn't take pictures in the courtyard as there were always people in it, so I felt a little weird taking pictures.

This is from their website and it's very accurate for what we saw - a lot of flowers around!
the bathroom with the shower (should have closed that toilet, eh?).  it was small but did the job and as I said we didn't have any conflicts or gross people around.  It was always clean and tidy when we used it.  There were the odd assortments of shampoos and such from time to time, but really, I just placed them to side, used mine, then packed mine back to the room when I was done.  It all worked out well.

The nights sleep was very pleasant as it was a fairly quiet street just north of Hyde Park,

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