Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day Fourteen

The view from our hotel room - note it is RAINING!!
Let's review the actual location of this hotel... and the walk from hell at 3am.  Ha!
so we walked BACK that way in the rain to get to the red dot - that red dot is the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit train)  Handy way to get into Dublin, but it was a wet trip over that overpass via L1019 road.  But that's OK we didn't have luggage with us!!  bonus!
 Look it's the REAL Temple Bar.  I had to force Angela to go with me... she was supre done with this trip by this date.  I have broken my kid!!  She didn't want to stay alone, but she didn't want to go with me... but she wanted food - what a dilemma!  Food won out - and some shopping :)

It wasn't horrible once we got into town and got some food.  We did limited shopping then went back to the hotel and snuggled down for one LAST night of sleep before getting up and heading to the airport.

so sadly, there was only this picture from the last day of Dublin... we were sort of over it.  The good news was getting around was much easier for us as we were familiar with where we were, where we wanted to go.  We went in, did our shopping, ate at the burger place I wanted to try before then LEFT and went back to the hotel.  The sad thing is due to the 3am arrival time we didn't get up and moving until 2pm the next day - we were moving slow.  So by this time it's now 6pm so going back to the hotel wasn't out of reason.  We even ate dinner at the restaurant in the hotel and called it good.  Yep, cooked.  Done.  Very little guilt for being done either :)

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