Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day Ten

  Not sure why now of all times there are pictures establishing the street that our hotel is on - but this is the street to Queens Terrace... we would turn left here....
 and the guest house we stayed at was the first on the right with columns down the street

Today was LAUNDRY day... yeah, we gathered up clothing to take the a laundry we had looked up (and dropped by on Saturday).  They were expensive to dump and run, but honestly we had places to SEE today.. and not a lot of time to spend sitting around a laundromat washing clothes... so pay it was!!
 Today we opted to take a city bus as it was included with our Oyster Card.  So we hopped on... boy what a mistake - it was a LONG time to get to Fleet street.  That was the goal on this trip - make it to fleet street.  We did, then promptly found a tube station and bailed out of the bus and onto the tube!  zipping around underground is so much faster!!

 See all the signs - it's the Queen's 90th this year!!!
 Trafalgar Square - Liz has played in those fountains as an infant!
 Random cool arch on the ride!
 Buckingham Palace - changing of the guards was noted to change at 11:xx - yeah, it was 1pm - we missed that!!

not much to see there, so we moved on... and sought out lunch
 this is the view from our lunch place... it's the queens gardens on the other side of the wall and there were tours in there too - Dad would have LOVED that... but us? Nope, we were hungry!
 pizza and an omelet - that omelet is as big as her head!! :)
We had a nice sit down, rest get our bearings and I insisted we go to to the boat transportation... come to find out it's more of a tour and cost quite a bit and I waffled and even started to walk away... then thought - I'm only here ONCE - I need to do this, turned around, bought tickets and we went.  I'm glad I did!!

 This is the bridge that replaced the "London Bridge" sold to Arizona...

 Tower bridge is very impressive from underneath it!

 And from the other side... pretty bridge and cute girl!
 We then found another tube  and headed back to the guest house for a bit of a nap before going to see the OTHER big thing we were to do in London - see Les Miserables.  Angela has been watching this movie non-stop for quite a while.  She could sing every song with them, I'm sure!

the show was in the Queens Theatre - a small theater, but it was an AWESOME show and GREAT seats.  I cried when she died...

the walk back to the tube station was quite the adventure with homeless folks doing drugs on the side of the sidewalk on our walk... wow - lots of drug use going on in the UK lately!!

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