Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day Eleven

And we're BACK on the road again - you getting tired?  WE are!!  
 WHY am I so excited?  I rode in a little black cab!!  I don't know why that excites me so much, but I have always wanted to ride in one and they were across the street at the other "more expensive" hotel and I asked how much to get us to Paddington Station (knowing it's close) he estimated 10 pounds... I thought about it - to add two tickets to our Oyster cards would have been 6lbs AND lugging luggage in and out of tube stations, up and down stairs.. heck yeah - we'll take it!!  So in we hopped (yes, you can tell we're tired when I grab cabs!!)
 And on to another first class ride to Cardiff - too bad these are all short rides of 3 hours or less.

 MUCH more empty seats on this train - very few reserved and different class of first class on this one too - theother train was "Virgin" as in Virgin Airline types, I'm sure... and was a LOT more classy.  The bathrooms on this train really reminded me of the ones from the 80s when Suz and I were traveling throughout europe!  The Virgin ones were HUGE and high tech.  Not so with these!  Ah, well, it's good to see the difference when traveling, I think!

 Our snack cracked me up!

Our guest house is in the red buildings and about 1/2 way down.... we were on the 3rd (2nd EU folks as the bottom floor is ground not first) floor.
 What you don't see is the graffiti to the left of us or the garbage and broken bottles on that street... I just didn't have the heart to take those types of pictures... I should have.

 It was a cute room really - and the beds were comfortable.
 the view that no-one could see.. I couldn't see - even on my tip toes.

what that window was REALLY used for - hahaha!

With the area, we just weren't comfortable hanging out after dark as when we exited after getting settled the first time I said excuse me to a man sitting on the steps. When he moved all I could see a small packet in his hand that after a lot of speculation was probably heroin... yeah... drugs on the doorstep - yuck!!  We made sure we were in the room before sunset!!

Our tour for Dr. Who was set for the next day at 11ish... so we decided to stay put and suck it up... it's just a room, right???

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