Monday, June 15, 2015

Day three (or is this two?)

I really wish I could go quicker on stuff. It's hard to heard cats. The kids don't want to work, don't come prepped to WORK and are generally lazy and want to sleep all day. And I stand in the middle wondering what is going to get done. BUT amidst much crying and gnashing of teeth the bathroom fan is IN!! I'm thrilled. It's a super quite one as its on any time the light is in.

And just to show you a few more lovely accomplishments Don (Butchs brother) was sweet enough to put in all of the A/C diffusers. You probably won't know this but that is also a NEW light fixture for the bath as well. Always a bonus.

I have issues with the floors being constantly dirty and there is stuff EVERYWHERE still. No order. BUT. I have to remind myself if JUST Monday.

OH and during the rewire of the fab it was discovered the outlets in the house are NOT grounded. And it's paid for. UGH. Really!?? I'm NOT happy and not sure what they did first he two thousand!! I sent him an email and will be calling him today.

How the girlies have been since getting together this weekend. So nice to see them huddled together catching up ;)

My haven in the storm that is construction ;)

The ONE wall that is wall color. I ran out of wall paint. Apparently 5 gallons only covers majority of the house. I ended up with ONE pan of paint in the end. Sigh.

Love the morning sun in here and can't wait to see it CLEAN and with morning sun :)

Another accomplish or two. New toilet roll holder. Swing arm one. How cool is that? Lol I need to get out more since that excited me. And two new towel hooks.

Oops make that TREE hooks up. And a new hand towel I got at Ollies in Macon.

And where I'm writing this from as I need to update my list and its 6:30 so I have a bit of a wait until the gas folks get here this morning.

Hopefully the electrician will come this morning too.

While waiting, we repaint baseboards.

Then it's off to places unknown to get needed items for the house (lampshades, extension cords, curtains).

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