Saturday, June 13, 2015

Day two....

Hard to tell where the progress is, the kitchen is the most striking

Still have tarps down from painting the first coat of Kilz

It's so BRIGHT!!

Cabinets with hardware

Close up of the cabinets. The pulls have glass inserts and we have glass knobs.

The reality of the living room. Yikes.

What's not pictured here:

New light fixture for the bathroom. All because they didn't have a replacement globe for the one we had. The replacement? It's the same as the current one but its stainless and its new. Sigh. $12.00, sure, why not. Globes are $7.99.

The rest of the story and not photo worthy is the caulking going on. I'm at using dads little green sit on tractor and I'm in love!! Seriously. Roll along and caulk as you go! No hurting knees life is GRAND!! Angela has taped around all the baseboards for our painting efforts. Yay!!

The other thing is a new shower head from Delta.

I have to say it's awesome. We had to change our the curved pipe to make it work well with us but I'm enjoying it!!

We bought fans for the baths however they haven't been installed just yet and not sure we'll get to them this weekend either. Drat it!!

So tomorrow. Paint and caulk baseboards. Yay? I'm soooo tired already and I have a week to go.

Day one was setting up beds and getting it set up with paper curtains in the windows. Seriously, those this's ROCK for indecisive people!! Ha!! Still working on what type of curtains I'm putting in.

Time to slow down and place myself.

Lizzie just popped in and told me she's only staying until Wednesday so I guess I'm solo for the last half of the week. Maybe Sally will go play with me?!?!

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