Saturday, June 13, 2015

Channeling college days

Loaded up and headed to FL to work on the house. Good thing I have no passengers as there is even. Wire basket setup in the passenger side of the front as well as a few things on the floor. ;)


What is in there you ask?
2 night stands
4 pillows
1 quit set
2 mattress pads
2 night stands
2 lamps
1 curved showed rod
4 paper type mini blinds
10 bath towels hand towels and a bundle of washcloths
10 beach towels
Two collapsible clothes baskets.
1 - 3 tiered wire basket
4 medium pieces of art
A coffee pot
And a HUGE suitcase!!

Does it look like I crammed that much in there?

This photo is a funny thing. The transition from Georgia with slightly wider shoulders and reflectors in the center to Florida when it goes DARK deserted road at night. The funny thing is there is a huge 4 lane roads about 1/2 mile up the road from here that you T into.

And with that Butch and the girls are in charge of the home front and I'm working on the little house for the week.

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