Friday, June 19, 2015

Hurry up and wait

Cabinets were to be here at noon. Well, they didn't make it. It was closer to 1:45. Yikes.

In the mean time I did a few projects.

I stained the coffee table.

I unpacked my vacuum and tried it out. Works just fine!!

I got a wild hair and started to paint the shelves in the launder room

It's SO dark that the white paint makes a HUGE difference!!

Then we got into a Hateful fight with the >~#^+'£¥*# paint sprayer.

This is my new enemy. I HATE it. It only painted a VERY small area and it was in fits and spurts. Yep it almost made it to the garbage!! It may still make it there...grrrr

So I gave up.

I screened the laundry room window instead. Worked out well ;)

THIS is as far as the blasted sprayer got me. I'll get a different sprayer and tackle this another time. Sigh.

I cleaned the living room floor a few times. I'm on my final mop and glow coat.

And the cabinets came in. It was a little later than expected. They said noon they meant 1:45. Sigh.

Boxes coming in.

Leveling and installing.

Aren't they cute??

They're going to color match perfectly!!


Mystery solved in how they attach to the floor. Screws and plates to the floor. He used the grout lines to get it anchored to the floor.

Electric extended to the end of the island.

All cleaned up and installed.

Our little trap door to the gas shutoff. Cute!! This is what I asked for when I ordered the cabinets and they said I would have to go under the drawer and cut a hole. I like this option better as he made it a slide up insert.

On to the front of the cabinets. So nice!!!

And the best thing? Pan pull out and nothing but drawers!!! Well and a garbage. The far cabinet is a microwave cabinet.

The stove hole.

And the whale has found a good home!!

What it will look like with the countertops!!

And the living room in progress.

Chairs on the wall... Nawh.

There is a tape measure on the wall to measure put the couch. It's 96" which is fine. It will fit just about anywhere.

So after looking at this and sitting there looking at it for a while I have decided that I need a love seat. I think I'll put the couch on the wall and the love seat at the window and the chairs at the far end of the room. That will pull all the colors together, I'm sure.

So tomorrow before I get home I'm going to swing by Rooms to Go and get the matching love seat.

It's only money, right?

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