Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Another room near complete

Today Elizabeth went back to work/college/home. :( Before she left she helped me put the dust ruffles on the queens (no more "faking" the photos!). We also put the small rug in the bunk room and decided it was too "brown" to really work well with the bedding and the bunks. So it was pulled back up and put in the closet.

While Liz was sleeping I put the dishes away.

After we had some breakfast and Liz drove out I went back to the house and puttered around. I vacuumed the house and put stuff away and organized.

Elizabeth helped put the bedroom on her side.

We're not happy with the night stands but that can be fixed. We love the lamps (purchased yesterday at Old Time Pottery)

We hated the yellow shades but loved the lamps enough to go ahead with buying the lamps. I'll look for replacement shades that are more white and barrel.

The art for the room is on the floor. I will need more. I'll work on that. And hang these.

At about 10:30 I took a break while I took Sally to her Drs appointment.

When I got back from appointments and went took naps. Ahhhh! I tried to limit mine. I had an alarm. I snoozed a few times ;)

I finally got up and went back to wrk. I had sprayed the laundry room window panels with paint remover before snoozing.

We now have clear glass in the laundry

Nice and bright in there now!
I looked for pictures of the original look and can't find any. It had what looked like a filter. And it was. It was the outside layer of a filter over the screen frame. So next up putting a screen into that frame.

I'm not sure that I'll do anything else tonight. I think I'll save it for tomorrow as I have to be at the house the whole day.

**late addition**

With the light on isn't horrible. It may stay this way a while. See if it grows on me.

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