Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Work, work, work

This morning was competing the paint in the kitchen. It's all done including baseboards.

I also had to finish the refrigerator opening so it would fit. I got it all sanded down and prepped for trim paint.

I also cleaned the floor in the bunk room. It's all clean and looking spiffy. Tomorrow I will be putting the rug in there in prep of the bunk beds coming in....WHHHHAAAA? Yup you read that right. Bunk beds have been purchased.

Mine is without the trundle under and the nice thing is that there is a LOT of headroom under these. I'm excited.

This is the couch I THOUGHT I was going to Rooms-To-Go. The bad news it was now discontinued. Drat it!! So I had the nice sales lady show me around.

In the meantime I found THIS entertainment console!! LOVE!! Bought!!!

This is the sofa we bought. It's so pretty. The pillows will need to be replaced with something solid that will go with the chairs (^^~,€^#~? Chairs that I'm trying to coordinate with!!). Hind sight is 20/20.

We also shopped till we dropped after that. Back to Home Goods to get the lamps we saw the day prior and they were GONE. Yep. It wasn't meant to be :( we then went to Target and Old Time Pottery to lamp shop. We found GREAT substitutes and they cost less. Win/win!

And in the room.

New lamps a few more pillows were purchase to fill shams and some bed side rugs.

And behind the scenes. I really had NOT put the dust ruffle in the bed, just tucked it under the bedspread...

And everything that was on the bedsides is now on the dresser...

And other stuff tossed toward the closet ;)

And the 2nd queen ....well, let's just say it still needs some work ;)

But the bunk room is looking ROCKING good in the floor area. All cleaned up and ready to go.

Our reaction to spend the amount of money I did today!!

And a fun comparison. The left is my lose lamps. Right the new pick. I didn't think I would like the burlap shades as much as I do! And the rugs really add to the experience.

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