Monday, June 15, 2015

Where's the love (aka day four)

Well, the tile being installed made it impossible to push the fridge into its hole. Ugh!!! I have been working on getting the hole expanded. Aka chiseling at the wood like a fool and I'll be sanding like one tomorrow. Today I noted we failed to put the blasted sanding pads into the car. Sigh. The good news to this is I had to go to Home Depot for another gallon of wall paint. Five gallons apparently doesn't cover a whole house even with coats of Kilz under it. Sigh. More paint purchased.

Along with that purchase a short girls fence fix as I had to go let her in (or out to grandmas) because she can't reach over the fence to unlatch the gate. The good news is now this is fixed ;) one loop and an eye hook and all is well.

Oh and replacement sanding pads. Hey we can fix this stupidity thing - sometimes.

Remember the statement yesterday about the electrical? Yeah, that would be us not reading the contract fully. Whoops. We are up to code, just not where Butch wanted to me. Another sigh. This too can be fixed.

So. We had the gas line extended today for cabinet prep. Yes, it paid to have me here to ensure the cut off was in the right pace for cabinet placement. All is well and the extension is in place and ready to go.

They were late of course, but it's done. Next up shopping.

Ok I LOVE to shop for bargains, but REAL shopping? Freaks me out! So. We went to Home Goods, Marshalls, Walmart - hey, some things are just grand at Walmart - like plungers! Then Ross and Tuesday Morning, then a furniture store followed closely by the Sleep center (bunk bed hunt!) then to TJ Maxx and Books-a-million (gotta keep the kid happy!!)

What did we find?

Home goods was the biggest find with pillows, art (too cute coral beach sign), lamp shades. Thinking the lamp shades are going back and some new lamps are in order for the master bedroom. Something with blue glass and twine!

TJ Maxx was the last good find with pictures. This is going in the kitchen actually. But for now we'll leave it here for safe keeping.

This is going in the entry hall.

What we brought from home.
We will also get Don to come over and look. He may shift is all around.

Tape needs to come up out of the hall too

Oh and these floors. Shoot me now end stands are wobbling too and fro in the master. Frustrating for sure!!

The other things purchased where hooks for the bathroom. Hooks for the bedrooms for clothing and wet towels. Dust ruffles and as I said earlier, plungers. Ha! You thought I was kidding didn't you?

So for a 1/2 day of shopping, not nearly enough was found, but this too shall pass.

Oh we did find the perfect TV cabinet at one store however when I asked if they had another they said no and when I asked about the price with the dings and a crack the manager asked for a price then walked away to take care of someone else and we discovered the crack was a break in the load bearing board so we left. It wasn't meant to be.

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