Friday, July 15, 2011

Fish sizes

July 5, 2011
Donna 11 lbs King
Mike 7 lbs Sockeye

July 7, 2011
Sarah 24 lbs King
Rob 18  lbs King
Donna 36 lbs King
Martin 46 lbs King
Linda 40 lbs King
David 10 lb Sockeye
Mike 16 lb King

July 9, 2011
Rob 40lbs King
Linda 10 lbs King
Mike 26 lbs King

Halibut - who knows... BIG.

They didn't weigh them individually, however doing the math, we took home about 47lbs of fish between 20 lbs each of Halibut and 27lbs each of Salmon.  That's a LOT Of fish

Note that Dad has officially out fished me for the first time since I was 12.  I did, however, catch the first Salmon - although dinner side, still the first.  Robert caught the most in overall weight in Salmon.  Dad the overall largest.

Sightseeing stuff will be posted in the days to come.  I have three HUNDRED photo's I deemed as photo worthy... so watch out Bloggers!!

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Suzanne said...

Those are some big catches! You guys rocked it! Interesting place you stayed too. Where'd you find it? It's so great that you all were able to do this trip together. What great memories you all have!