Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 1 - settle in, feel our oats, meet the neighbors

This is the first thing the girls did - shed shoes... and get into waders and boots and hit the river...
 Waders are SO fashionable :o)
 this looks like an accident waiting to happen, doesn't it?  They never did fall in though!
 Badger came to say "Hi" and see what all the fuss was about. Not quite enough to interest her!
 Note PJ pants - Nope, I didn't even care!
 Fishing from the shore.  Due to regulations, no bat was allowed as far up river as we were.  It was spinners only, so needless to say we didn't catch anything!  Bummer.

 This is Earl and his friend - I don't remember the name the girls gave the 2nd one, however Earl is there almost every day sitting and watching and swooping down for fish on occassions.
 And perhaps duck as well.  When we first got here there were FIVE ducklings.  When we left, there were only four babies... hum, maybe eagles like duck for dinner too? 
Mom warming on the fishing platform over the river.  It's a good 12 foot above the shore on the water side and about 2 foot on the shore side - quite the steep bank!
 The catch of the day!  LOTS of minnows... maybe we should have snuck them on our reel to get a fish from shore?

 The fishing dock as seen from the main lodge.
 And as seen by us the first few days.  It lost it's draw towards the end and we moved to the big cabins porch and the picnic tables there around the fire pit.
 Now THAT's a BIG fish!
(horseing around!)
 Nice shot of Earl and Company

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