Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vacation prep

Just how much stuff can I "gather" in prep for this trip?  Hum... let me see....
Thought I would share this, it’s fun to see the STUFF I’m accumulating for this trip over time…
There are:
Binoculars – 2 each – one large, one small (because butch lost my small ones, I bought more!)
A gray TINY messenger bag for my purse for the trip.  I can’t wait to try this out for trips – I think it will work well.
4 trail mixes (to be vacuum packed in time)
A head “lamp” – that would be Butch – don’t ask.
Salt and pepper from my shopping list. 
Skipbo game
Small farkle (Texas farkle at that!  Thanks Laura )
4 decks of cards – because you NEVER know :o)
Three neck pillows – the 4th is my drawer – need to put that one out here too
Paper copies of the trip info, the cabin info, the letter I just sent to Joe detailing billing
5 – yes, count them 5 bull frog with bug repellant – we will NOT burn this trip!
1 Bactine spray – I’m building a first aid kit with some blister Band-Aids as well
1 purple rain jacket for Angela.
And a Large pack of gum – double mint
Think that’s a good start?
Ha!  Good thing there are four bags to pack all this in, right?  Ha!

And this started WAY too early on the gather... and is still growing and changing. (started in June)

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