Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 3 - 5th of July

AND first day on the river. The day starts VERY early for fishing, they want you on the water at 6pm to drop your lines in ... they let locals put in at any time, but commercial fishing folks that we chartered with have to wait to get us in there at 6am - so the goal is be loaded and ready to drop right at 6. And so the day begins.
 Foggy morning on the river... burrr it's cold with the water and the wind!
 they loop fish eggs (roe) at the top of the hook and it bounces along the bottom as you drag downriver - boats floating sideways and all 4 lines in a different spot off the boat.  It's really a very different way to fish with the bump, bump, bump of the weight on the bottom - you're always thinking it's a huge bite.  The key is, when it STOPS bumping, you probably have a fish.
 click on this picture - you'll see quite a number of boats up river from us... they told us this would be a much fuller river in a few more weeks for different types of salmon coming up.
 This is Badger - she loved just sleeping on the boat - stayed on her bed to get warm in the nice morning sun.  Not much got her riled up!
 The first fish of the day and of the group - but no, by far the last!!  It was a smaller one, but it was "dinner" so it was kept :o)
 They are so organized and know just where everyone will be dragging and who will have lines where per boat just how they are floating it allows them to ZOOM up one side of the river to get back in "line" to drift down.  They zoom to the top, pick a hole big enough to get into and drag, then toss in all the lines and float on down the river over and over again - bumping bait along the bottom trying to catch a big one!
 This is Mike's idea of the perfect position to be in for fishing!  I like his thought process!
 The scale is sort of off on this one, but I didn't want to crop it... if you click on the picture and zoom in you will see all the boats in "back trolling".  A process where the boat driver will do similar to the dragging ... however this time when he reaches the top of the line he will put his boat into an idle just slower than the current facing upriver and use some "divers" on this line to help the line to the bottom of the water... and let it SLOWLY float downriver on/near the bottom in hopes of - you guessed it, attracting the big one!
 There is a sea lion in the water - he stayed up long enough for my ever slow camera (water proof/shock proof, but SLOW as all get out) to power up and take ONE shot before going down.  The captain (Adam) said that they don't typically stay on the surface that long, so I was very lucky to have this picture of him!
 Adult and fledgling eagles on the mud flats of the river.
closer shot of the mature eagle as well as some of the fledglings in the back - the adult had a fish carcass or something it was eating on.

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