Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 7 - July 9th

Because I had hit my limit, Angela was able to go fishing in my spot... doesn't she look thrilled?  Butch went this last day and Sarah took the extra spot on the boat that was open.

 Lizzie kissed a fish... why?  who knows...
 I just knew I didn't want fish lip kisses!!!

 heading out for the float trip - aren't we all attractive???

 listening to the instructions....

 Not sure what she's thinking... not sure I want to know - ha!
 OK, by the end of this float I didn't want to hear "look there's an eagle" again in my life!  ha!
 we went down a few riffles (Linda calls then, I just report them) and they were very easy and fun... but this is the Kenai and VERY swift - although very shallow on occasion.
 Poor Angie had to pee... she tried to hold it and made it a few more minutes before calling it and asking for a potty stop... only to have the poor guide get out in VERY swift water and a very steep slope into the water and get a LOT of water in his boot and all the way up to his crotch - I felt so bad for him.  The other potty options in the middle all had fishermen on them, so he was trying to be nice and find a more secluded spot for her business :o)
 The wet results of the potty stop.  And not a single critter on the float with the exception to the "e" word.  Really - then what do we see on the RIDE back to the launch?

 we got home rather late for us and it's really dusky - it's almost 11:30 now...
 campfires even in daylight are pretty nice!
 it's now 10pm or closer to 11pm when we took this picture... overcast so a bit darker than normal.
What was at this overlook.
For all the non-mosquito experience we had at the camp and everywhere else we went - this overlook was LOADED with mosquito's in the woods.  I guess it was just the right time and place to see a LOT of them - darker and not very windy and they were out in droves.  But I didn't get a single bite - amazing!

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