Friday, June 23, 2017

Toe woes

So the toe. What happened to my toe?
Well I went to Disney with Liz in May and walked

And walked

And walked

The pedometer said 10 miles.

I'm thinking Liz didn't turn it on until we got all the way INTO the park and had been waking a bit so we estimate adding another mile or so.

My toe started to hurt during the last few miles. :) I hobbled to dinner (OTHER side of the park) at the Moroccan place.

We did sit RIGHT on the water for the fireworks.

So it was worth the pain!!

I then hobbled out of the park and to the hotel. I soaked my feet in ice water. It didn't help.

I got a blood blister under my left toe. Either from just the amount of walking OR the longer toenail. Sigh

Lesson learned. Trim nails on toes before that much walking. Good shoes or not!!

So the toe.

It's ugly.

Look away if you do t want to see it!!

It WAS dark over the whole nail. Dark burgundy.

I had gotten into the pool Thursday night. When I got out I noticed the toenail looked different. It was ghostly through the middle. Hum. I pushed on the nail and herd a squelching watery sound. Yeah, time to get rid of that nail!!

So we trimmed. (Ok you were warned not to keep reading)

And this is what it looks like after Thursday.

Today I got BACK into the pool and the nail softened and separated more. So a bit more trimming and gently working on it and it's looking better!!

Just the outer edge on the right side. I'm sure it will sluff off the rest of the way soon. There is a super thin nail underneath forming already. So it isn't tender. I wore shoes today no issues. All is well in the toe world 🤓

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