Monday, June 19, 2017

Sunday Funday...and Monday

Sunday we sent Butch off in his work trip to Chicago early in the morning. W celebrated Fathers Day with Butch Saturday night with Korean food brought home (yum!). Sunday was dinner with Dad, mom and the girls at Tapatio and a few gams of RummiKub after. I need to remember to take pictures when we go out! Dang it! Oh well, we had a nice dinner out!

Monday - today I had training all day at work. I got a call before lunch that I ditched out to answer from Mayo. It was for registration. Ok. Done and done! I asked the gal about the request fir the MRI to be done there and I was encouraged to get it done here as we have the order here...uhm, ok. I also overnighted all my hospital records to Mayo at lunch. I'll also pick up a copy of them fir myself to hand carry as well.

I also went to my primary care provider. He had zero results from the hospital OR the colonoscopy. Yep, none. He said they would catch up. So, he's aware and we went over the blood work he had done and nothing was out of sorts wit the known exceptions of cholesterol. Yeah, that's a known. So, nothing would have screamed to him that I needed to rush the colonoscopy. Or indicated cancer for that matter. Can I please be in denial now? Yeah, one can hope without a biopsy Dr H could be very, very wrong. One never knows, right?

In the meantime as I'm in the Drs and running here and there I missed a call from the hospital to schedule my MRI. The GREAT thing about dealing with the hospital is they were open until 7pm, so I called them and have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow at 8:30 in the Perry Hospital. I've heard good things about them even though they are small. Let's face it an MRI is an MRI and if is not good enough Mayo will do another. Yay! So I can carry a copy of that with me to Mayo :). Not ideal in they can't read it prior, but they'll have it. Could be worse!

I also missed a call from Ms L. She's also going through the wringer right now and has to wait a week and a half for a breast biopsy to see if that is where her bone cancer is originated from, then starting treatment for that. All without insurance. I can't even fathom that! I'm sooooo blessed with having two insurances in Blue Cross from my work and Tricare from Butch. Best of both worlds in that I pick my own doctors, but have the added coverage of a Tricare. So very lucky to have those. Right now my only thoughts are that I don't have enough leave to cover all of this. Small price to pay in the long run, I'm sure. Some lost pay for a bit, however blessed in that as well as I will be able to work from home on and off as needed to get through.

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